Dress Code

The Intergenerational Schools’ uniform is meant to set high standards for student appearance and behavior.  The uniform is to be clean, comfortable and nothing worn should cause any commotion, distraction, conversation, or cliques. School is considered to be a student’s place of “work” and the focus should be on their academics. The school uniform is detailed in the following chart:


  • Polos with collars or Oxford shirts or turtlenecks
  • Solid with no designs, brand logos are to be no larger than a quarter,  IS logos are acceptable
  • No Hoods
  • No over/undersized shirts


  • Senior Cluster: Shades of blue
  • Junior Cluster: Shades of green
  • Primary Cluster: Shades of red or pink



  • Uniform style Skirts, Jumpers, Slacks or Shorts (shorts in hot weather only)
  • Skirts or shorts need to be finger-tip length
  • No Jeans, Corduroy, Cargo, Sweat or Stretch (tight fitting) pants; no ripped pants

Junior and Senior Cluster; Primary Cluster

Navy, khaki, and black. All Solid in Color & no side pockets on the legs or cargo style



-No collar sweaters

-if zippered, only small, plain

Uniform style Cardigans, Pullovers or Vests (No hoods)

Solid Blue, white or cluster color (solid color only) without ornamentation other than IS logo



Optional with pants that have belt loops. Belts with small buckle-no distracting writing/ornamentation



No “Work Boots” or Snow Boots in the classroom

All students must wear athletic shoes for gym class daily.

Socks/Tights: any solid color; no patterns or stripes. Leggings must be covered by socks, no visible skin.

Shoes: Ankle height athletic shoes only with no lights or noises. Laced and tied shoelaces.

 Exception: Primary students permitted to wear Velcro as needed.

Mary-Jane style shoes with strap across top of foot are acceptable.



No layering of shirts. No undershirts, other than short sleeved white, visible.



-Not permitted including but not limited to Scarves, Hats, Rags or Wraps (hijabs permitted)



-No Extra Ornamentation or extra layers of clothing including but not limited to leg warmers, gloves, arm wraps, watches, chains, distracting hair bands, clips, or false eyeglasses.


Jewelry/Body Ornamentation

No distracting jewelry. No visible tattoos.  The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of any jewelry brought or worn to school.


Perfumes and Lotions

Age appropriate students are encouraged to use deodorant.

Scented perfumes, body sprays and lotions are not permitted to be used by students due to the highly allergic reactions of some students to the smell. These should also not be brought to school. 

Lip gloss is not permitted; it will be confiscated and thrown away by any staff member.  Unscented and unflavored lip balm may be used by the student but must be kept in backpacks.